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The well-being of the mind and body consists of both external and internal things. External issues have a positive effect on well-being, e.g. healthy relationships, enjoyable work and living, meaningful hobbies, exercise and encouraging goals. However, sometimes we are not aware of what is happening at the level of our subconscious.


Depression, which is a really common problem in this society, is not visible on the surface of a person, but is felt both mentally and physically. Depression is usually caused by some kind of stressor that has happened to the person in the past. Stress is the body's alarm state, and if the stress state is not relieved, the stress turns into chronic stress, which can later manifest itself as illness in the body.


It's really important to take care of our internal affairs as well, because in the end they also affect our external affairs. If you are looking for help with these things or want to develop your own spiritual growth, you are in the right place.


What's this all about?

I'm Klinta, energy healer, KAP facilitator and quantum hypnosis practitioner. My company AWAKen-ergy describes the awakening in the energy that lives in each of us and keeps us alive. The word ergy means work in ancient Greek. Together, they describe work that evokes energy. All my services that I offer are based on working with energy. Energy lives in us and around us and the best thing is that we can use it freely.



"I didn't have much experience with energy healing before, but I experienced special sensations during the treatment, and after the treatment, on the way home, I felt very light and didn't hurt at all. I have had pain in my hip for a very long time and treatment for that area, although I don't quite understand how, but it helped and for the first time I slept without pain in that area. After the energy treatment, I thought that I want to try this again" 

Nadja 34

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