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Quantum hypnosis is a form of energy therapy that treats the person comprehensively. A quantum session is guided by your highest consciousness and inner wisdom. Quantum hypnosis is a journey into subconscious part of your mind, to observe yourself and your world through the eyes of your soul. When the body is in a relaxed state, the mind is able to receive information using internal/mental senses: images, sounds, emotions, body sensations, clairvoyant. The trip can take you to gain information and understanding about your own life or, for example, your family, spouse or work. Answering questions that are important to you, which are found within you, but which the conscious mind cannot provide.

What happens during the session

We will have a short conversation with you about your life, as much as you feel is necessary, so that we can get some sort of picture of your situation and that will help the actual session progress. Many times when we discuss further you may find new questions that you would like to ask for yourself.

After that, I will lead you in a calm voice with various imagery exercises to a very relaxed state of consciousness, called the Theta state. From there, we get to the wonderful place of the subconscious, where our higher consciousness lives and knows everything about us. From this state, you can bring messages through dream-like images, stories and bodily sensations. During the treatment, you can experience strong energy flows, body sensations, emotions, and see or feel many things, from colors and sounds, to images, smells and tastes. In the sessions happens what the patient needs, not necessarily what he wants.

The intention for the sessions is that you are guided by Love and the thigs that happens are for your highest good. My job as a practitioner is to help you trust the guidance of your highest consciousness. As your instructor, I will not give you suggestions and will not try to influence you in any way, so the session will really be guided by your highest consciousness.

After the session, we will go over your feelings and thoughts/insights from the session. If you wish, the session will be recorded on your phone or with a computer application. The recording remains available only to you. When you listen to the recording later, it helps reinforce the effects that happened in the session. Like the other energy treatments I offer, the session is completely confidential.

What does quantum hypnosis help with?

In quantum hypnosis, traumas in the cellular memory, erroneous beliefs, old things that we drag from another lifetime into this life can be released. During quantum hypnosis, you get to look at your life and its challenges from a completely different perspective than how it appears to you on a day-to-day level. Realizing things is more compassionate and loving, in which case deep healing can also take place. In this state, the healing of the body is more effective when our conscious mind is not interfering.

In quantum hypnosis, you experience stories from different eras (past, present life or future) under the guidance of your own inner wisdom.  These stories emerging from the subconscious have a connection to a person's life, for example to their current challenges or to frequently recurring themes in life. Thus, they are stories that are relevant to you and have an important message. During quantum hypnosis, it is possible for us to recognize and release, for example, various challenges related to human relationships, issues related to the purpose of life, tensions related to different life situations, as well as fears, phobias and other challenges.

The things you will experience in the session will help you better understand yourself and the purpose of your life, and help you find a connection with your inner self, intuition and creativity. Each session helps you move towards a lighter, freer, more self-representing life, living in your own truth and in accordance with your own values. Towards the version you are meant to be. The purpose of the session is to help you remember who you really are and to harness your own potential.

In traditional hypnosis, the symptom is treated, but in quantum hypnosis, the root cause is always sought, in which case real healing is possible. This is to ensure that the original problem does not resurface or manifest itself in the form of another addiction, for example. Quantum hypnosis is an energy treatment where the client is helped to turn inward and find their often unconscious resources through trance. The two important things in the sessions are your own motivation and the desire to be at the edge of your inner wisdom, as well as surrendering to the process, when you trust and let go of control. This way your conscious mind/ego mind is not influencing the process.   

Preparing for Quantum Hypnosis

It is good for you to think about your own motivation and why you want the session. You can think about which areas of your life you want to get answers to. For these, if you wish, you can think of questions that can be related to anything, for example, physical pain, work, profession, interpersonal relationship, past event, purpose, choice situation, etc.  These questions are meant to be asked during trance to your higher self. You can come up with one to three topics which you want to create questions around these themes and arrange them in order of importance. Even these action gives you a little insights about yourself and set processes in motion. Already at this point, you have given your subconscious a message to move towards wholeness.

At the moment, I don't have a workspace yet, so I do all the treatments at my home in Vantaa. It is good to reserve around 3 hours for this session

Quantum hypnosis ONLINE

Quantum hypnosis can also be done online, in which case this takes place via an internet connection on your electronic device, either using Skype or Zoom. It is good to prepare for this in the following way:

- A well-functioning internet connection

- A bed or sofa where it's comfortable (+blanket)

- A quiet space where no one can disturb you

- Good quality headphones with a microphone

- Electronic device with a fully charged battery (minimum 3 hours of use).

- Positioning the electronic device so that your entire body is visible from the side so that I can monitor your facial expressions and breathing

I went for hypnosis treatment and the experience was interesting and I felt good after the treatment. I warmly recommend the treatment to a person who is open-minded and curious about new information. During the treatment, a lot of information about my previous life experiences came out and it helped me to understand myself better. The treatment was performed professionally and in a customer-friendly manner. At the beginning of the treatment, I was extensively informed about the course of the treatment and it left me with a safe feeling. I recommend the hypnosis to everyone

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