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Kundalini activation is about transmission of the raw life force of kundalini. It is combination of kundalini and non-dual awareness. It's unique transmission frequency that is a blend of raw Kundalini & deep consciousness that is overwhelmingly incarnated into the physical body.

Kundalini activation is a transmission process of our life force. Kundalini is the energy that connects everything, our invisible source. Kundalini energy contains a wide range of frequencies that serve higher states of consciousness and spiritual growth. From the upper energy centers, the energy flows to the base of your spine where your kundalini is located. When activated, it begins its ascent toward your crown. This creates an energetic cycle of ascending and descending energies.

During the session you lie down on a yoga mat, while music is played and your eyes are closed. As the facilitator I may touch or press some of the chakra or meridian points on your body. This is what happens from the outside, yet doesn’t fully grasp the deepening experience that happens inside of you. This is a unique experience for each individual.

What you might experience

Feeling the energy: you can feel the energy flowing through your body, pulsating, creating warmth, coolness or other bodily sensations.

Your body movements: your body may want to move freely. You might stretch, do different yoga postures, shake or even dance. Follow your body without the limitations.

Releasing emotional and mental blocks: our bodies can accumulate emotions within us during our lifetime and these previously suppressed emotions may want to be released and come out. You may want to scream, cry or laugh. All emotions are allowed and very welcome.

Non-duality state: you can enter a state of oneness where bliss and love flow through you. Deep insights and realizations can accompany you.

Visual experiences: your third eye may activated, you can see images or visions, lights, colors or tastes, and astral journeys are possible.


  • Clearness in which direction you want to go

  • Experiencing more harmony within yourself

  • Remembrance of your true self and purpose

  • Relief of stress and feeling less tension in your body

  • Emotional release and overcoming traumatic experiences

  • Understanding and releasing restrictive beliefs

  • Calming effects on your overall state of mind

  • Awareness of the body, mind and energy

  • Feeling energized

  • Peeling away the layers of conditioned on a mental, emotional and spiritual level

  • Living in awareness rather than patterns

  • Spiritually awakened and the experience of oneness

Peel back layer upon layer of your ingrained limiting beliefs planted by society and discover your true nature. Experience your deep inner truth and authentic self.

This is your process and it is as unique as you are, so the spectrum you can experience is also wide. When you let go of control and surrender to the energy, it can take you deep into your own process. By giving up your expectations, you enter a state of surrender and open yourself up on a new level.

Everything that happens during the session is just phenomena. Real changes happen in your everyday life. Everyone is sensitive or less sensitive to energy. Some need more time than others, it's just a matter of time. Each session is different and you can attend either one or more sessions independently. The more you participate, the deeper you get into your consciousness and the more you open up from blocks and limitations. To have the most beneficial experience with the session, it is advised to participate in at least three to five sessions. 

Is it safe?

It definitely is. Inevitably, when you read about the awakening of kundalini on the Internet, you may come across texts that talk about physical and psychological problems as a result of the rise of kundalini energy. Situations like this can be when the kundalini energy is raised by the force of will with various exercises, such as various breathing exercises, kundalini yoga, tantra or chi gong. These are unprepared spontanious kundalini awakenings. In kundalini activation, no exercises are done, but energy is allowed to flow and move freely in the body, allowing it to go exactly where it is needed at that moment. Our nervous system is designed to hold energy and it wants to flow freely and unhindered through the body. When our body is freed from blocks, our level of consciousness also rises. Expanding one’s cognition remains a social taboo, Unfortunately, in this society, ecpanding one's cognition remains a social taboo, yet cultures around the world have used hallucinogenic plants and sacred ceremonies to expand their cognition since the dawn of time.

Kundalini activation is a cleaning process. Pleasant feelings may emerge, but suppressed and difficult emotions may also come into surface from the body. However, this does not mean that these feelings are somehow unpleasant. In kundalini activation class, we create a safe space together where everyone can relax and be themselves. As a trained facilitator, I help transfer energy when it exceeds your own capacity. Always trust the voice of your intuition - it will tell you if kundalini activation (at the moment) wants to be experienced by you or not.

This process is primarily for spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness. However, many participants report physical healing after just one or a few sessions. Of course, this is not a guarantee and it is not the main purpose of kundalini actiavation.

How to prepare for class?

You do not need previous experience with kundalini awakening or kundalini activation. It is best to come to a session with a beginner's mind, without expectations, because if you are receptive to the energy, it has nothing to do with experience. It's a transmission of energy where you don't have to do any exercises. You just need to relax and keep an open mind. It's about feeling, not knowing.

A group class is a wonderful way to get to know what kundalini activation is and start your inner journey - experience the energy together with a small group of souls and feel connected to everyone. The group class is perfect for beginners or for those who experienced activation before, because each time is different. In the group session, we first start by arriving and tuning into the environment. There is a small presentation at the beginning, followed by an hour-long energy transfer and at the end there is time for sharing.

I recommend that you take a break from food or only eat lightly about 2-3 hours before the session. Wear comfortable clothes that are nice to be in and suitable for the temperature.

Although kundalini activation is a safe and natural process, it is not suitable for those experiencing mania, paranoia, delusions or psychosis. Even if you suffer from migraines, you may experience strong light phenomena during that class. Nor can you come to class intoxicated. If you are pregnant in the last trimester, I recommend that you participate in only after the pregnancy.

what can happen after the KUNDALINI ACTIVATION?

There is a whole range of things that can happen after a class, from the first to the last signs of kundalini awakening. Kundalini activation is an energy lineage that contains a broad spectrum of frequencies conducive to higher states of consciousness and spiritual growth in addition to the traditional kundalini signs. This process releases energetic blockages and connects you to your higher self, which is different for every person.

Online class and how to prepare?

Online classes are not much different from face-to-face group classes. Some people find it easier to relax and receive energy in a group, while others relax and receive energy better at home. For some people, the energy transfer experienced online may be a little milder, while others experience it just as strongly. Beginners may need a few more online sessions to activate than they would in person.

For the online class you need:

  1. A working internet connection

  2. Zoom downloaded to your computer, tablet or phone

  3. A yoga mat or blanket on the floor that is comfortable to lie on

  4. A quiet space where no one disturbs you

  5. A speaker or wireless headphones connected to a device using Zoom (speaker recommended)

  6. Put the electronic device so that your whole body is visible from the side (this is important)

Class format:

  1. The Zoom link will be sent to your email

  2. Set up your yoga mat and webcam at least 5 minutes before class starts

  3. Log into Zoom on time

  4. Greetings and a short introduction

  5. You lie on your back, I play the music and start the energy transfer

  6. Time for sharing

Private sessions

It is also possible to experience kundalini activation privately if you find it difficult to relax in a group. Especially the first time can be difficult to surrender to the process, then a private session may be the right one for you. I will be happy to guiding you during this path.

Are you planning for a class with a group of friends? Or are you looking for something different to do in a corporate event or other event? I also organize private kundalini activation group sessions.

If you want a private individual or private group session, please contact me first using the contact form to discuss some important matters before the session. 

Contact form

Tell me in details what kind of session you would like me to organize

Thank you for reaching out! I'll come back to you ASPA.

I didn't know what to expect, but the experiences were quite varied, even the first time. The first thing I felt was twitching in my eyes, cramping sensations in my stomach and it felt like energy was trying to come through from the inside. I flinched a few times as I felt the energy surge. The hands went above my head and I saw a green light and then a sharp yellow and at the same time my head started to bend towards that light so that I was on my neck. I could feel the cold in my feet, because I wasn't wearing socks, but at times I didn't notice it at all. At the end I felt the energy moving up and down from my legs to stomach area. When I got up, I was quite moonstruck, but after a while I felt spry and energetic. It's a pretty amazing experience the first time and I definitely have to go again sometimes 

Olli 30

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