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The BodyMind Energy Balancing Method is a comprehensive energy treatment method developed by Suomen Energiahoitajat Oy, which gently but effectively restores the natural balance of the body and mind using several techniques to treat different types of problems. In this energy healing method, we focus on the problem areas of your body and  as a result you can get help for even difficult problems.

What many people don't know is that most of the diseases we have are caused by chronic stress, which is a bioelectrical charge in our body. Chronic stress which is also an energy accumulates in our body throughout our lives and there can be many ways how this energy can get stuck and stored in our body, e.g. childhood trauma, accidents, emotional burdens, overachievement and even inheritance are chronic stress. When our body is in an overstimulated sympathetic (flight-or-fight) state, the body's autonomic nervous system focuses on maintaining this sympathetic state, leaving less energy for other body functions such as digestion or healing.


With the BodyMind Energy Balancing treatment, the nervous system is turned into a parasympathetic state, which starts the body's own healing processes. The treatment is directed to the cause of the problem, and not to the symptoms, and thus permanent effects are obtained quickly.

Which BodyMind Energy Balancing techniques do I use in energy healing?

1. method for the physical body (energetic bonesetting)

In the first treatment phase, I will examine and measure possible posture errors in your body, such as legs, hip, skull bones and spine mispositions. These positional errors are measured and corrected without twisting. Correcting wrong postures is based on relaxing the deep muscles by energizing them which calming the nervous system and the process begins. Different incorrect positions can cause nerve compression between the vertebrae and bones, which can cause many symptoms in the body. In addition to energetic bonesetting, in the treatment of the physical body, organs and endocrine glands are also treated and if you have any pain anywhere we treating that part as well. For example, if you have lower back pain, the physical body technique is a very effective method for it.

2. method for the energy body

The energy body is the energetic counterpart of the physical body, like a blueprint on which the physical body is built. The energy body consists of an energy field, meridians and energy centers that are connected to the nervous system. Disturbances in the energy body also cause disturbances in the functions of the physical body. In the treatment of the energy body, I go through the energy systems of your body by cleaning the energy blockages that have accumulated in it, which is used to release stress from your nervous system as well as emotional blocks or other disturbing emotional energy. This activates your parasympathetic nervous system and boosts and strengthens your immune system.

3. Method for the emotional body:

In the method of the emotional body, we can treat the underlying causes of chronic ailments. Negative and unpleasant feelings stored in the body may also cause various pains, tensions and other ailments in our body. When I use a method for emotional body, I break down these negative emotional energies, such as unpleasant memories, phobias, emotional blocks and traumas using the EFT technique, which is based on psychological acupuncture, but without needles. If you have a sad memory from the past that still brings up strong emotions for you, or you are currently dealing with a difficult situation in your life, such as the death of a loved one; emotional body method is the best treatment technique for these.


In addition to these methods, I also use many other techniques taught by Suomen energiahoitajat Oy when needed. As practitioner, I take responsibility that everything that happens in the treatment is completely confidential. I would also like to note that only those things that you are ready to accept and deal with will be dealt with in the treatment. As a person, I give full attention and support without criticizing or judging.

In this energy treatment, results can come very quickly, depending on the problem and its chronicity, but in general a series of approx. 3-5 treatments every week or two is recommended in order to get the most effective treatment and more permanent treatment results.

This energy healing is also well suited for online treatment via Skype or Zoom. It is good to reserve a quiet space and about an hour for online treatment.

At the moment I don't have a workspace yet, so I do all the treatments at home in Vantaa. 

This energy healing method helped me in my stressful and difficult life situation that I had. Before treatment I felt the imbalance of body and mind and my mind was weighed down by oppressive thoughts. Before the start of my treatment, we discussed the course of the energy healing, possible effects and expectations. During the treatment, I felt that I was safe and I could talk about my own feelings out loud, which increased the connection with Klinta. After the energy treatment, my mind has been calm, I feel mentally more stable and liberated. I got more energy and resources for everyday life. I feel more connected to myself and my inner self. I look forward to the next treatment session

Oona 29

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