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I'm Klinta, energy healer, kundalini activation facilitator and quantum hypnosis practitioner. 

My journey to where I am now began when I started to get to know my inner self and started to become consciously aware of my own thoughts, patterns of action, beliefs and traumas. I started working on all these things, using different tools. I lived through the most difficult times of my life then, because it was not easy to face my own bogies that had been simmering inside me since I was a child. Or even admit to myself things that I had denied all my life. At that time, I felt a huge feeling of loneliness and a feeling that I didn't belong anywhere.  I soon noticed how much things limited my life and how little I loved myself was a big surprise for me. 

As the healing process progressed, my nervous system began to become even more sensitive and different emotions came to the surface more easily. My self-confidence was strengthened and several limiting beliefs were removed. All the adversity I went through strengthened me as a person. When I also realized what love for oneself and for everything around is, I understood that we are all here because of love.

My mission is to offer help for you who is in need of help and who wants to find a way that is right for them to move up in life. Each of us can live exactly the kind of life we want and it is in each person's own hands which direction they want to take their life. I'll help you to find the right tools, because if you find them, you can make everything possible for yourself. It's such a great feeling when we get relief from our problems or realize some big things in our life. The fact that we dare to surrender to this process is the most beautiful thing I know. We can develop ourselves endlessly, because the process is endless.

KAP, quantum hypnosis and energy healing have been a big part of my own spiritual growth, from which I have received help not only with internal matters but also with external matters. Now I also have the opportunity to offer these tools to others for use, which I am more than happy about. 


My background

I have degrees in Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration, Vocational Qualification in Fashion Design and Bachelor degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management, which I have completed during my life, but I still felt that something was missing. The human mind and how we operate has always fascinated me and I have always known in my heart that the universe is a much broader concept than our textbooks claim. It wasn't until I started my inner exploration within myself that I started questioning a lot of things and having my own personal experiences that didn't align with my belief systems.

For part of my childhood we lived in Russia, where I grew up without a father and we lived in very modest conditions, my mother being a single parent of two children. There was both physical and mental abuse in our family, just like in many other families I knew. After we moved to Finland, I experienced bullying at school because of my background, which made me go into my shell even more. As a minor, I had to experience something that left a big wound inside me. Rape, for which I blamed myself for a long time. Before I started my healing journey, I was in a situation where intoxicants had started to take over my life and it was difficult for me to start making changes because I couldn't find a good enough reason to do so.


The biggest turning point in my life happened when I found out I was expecting my first child. That's when I knew that many things had to change radically so that I can offer both myself and my child a balanced life.  In that moment I felt that my life stopped for a moment and I had time to think about who I really am, what I enjoy to do and what I want to bring to this world. That was the moment when my inner journey began and there is no end in sight.

My inner journey opened my eyes and heart to new insights and allowed me to find my calling to help others. Helping people has always been natural to me, but I have experienced during my journey that I myself was in need of a lot of help, which I didn't even know how to properly ask for. Now I have learned to do it and I want to encourage others to do the same. Every person is worth it. 

Anyone who is ready can find their own inner balance and I will help you with that. Let's find your own path to mental and physical well-being together. I offer you a safe and reliable environment where you can relax and be yourself. Contact me and we can discuss which energy modality is best for you.


Courses I have completed

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